In fact, you are magic! We all are. We are powerful creators and we co-create our reality constantly, in perfect synchronicity with Universal Life Force Energy, Source Energy, or God Energy. And this same divine energy is what courses through us – all of us! We are not separate from this perfection: we are an expression of it. We are a part of the same perfect energy source, the same Light and Love: that of God Consciousness, and all the infinite possibilities that this embraces. But how is it that we seem so different to each other? Because we are all exercising our freedom to make choices with our lives and direct our energy accordingly, and the lives we manifest, are in direct accordance with the choices that we make. Our choices are based on our belief systems and thought patterns – thoughts practised over and over, until they become habit. The feelings associated with these thoughts guide us as to whether our thoughts serve our higher purpose, or not. But the truth remains, that despite these belief systems and ideologies, no matter where we are at in our lives, at our core, we are expressions of absolute perfection. We are whole and complete. We are divine spiritual beings. Our journey through this life is about enjoying experiences that empower us, teach us and form a part of our evolutionary journey. And ultimately, I believe that this lifetime for most of us, is about reclaiming that perfection: remembering or realising our truth, our divinity, loving ourselves as the divine beings that we are, and then harnessing this power within, to create the loving, blissful lives that we came to enjoy: to live our purpose. To have fun! So the journey here in this lifetime is more one of going back to the perfect being within, and to evolve further from that point. To be who you were born to be, as opposed to changing into something different. You already have everything you need, and you already are everything you desire. It is time to become aware of your infinite potential, reclaim your truth and harness the incredible and unique magic within you!




Energy seeks like levels, so when we vibrate at a certain frequency, we attract and connect to vibrations of the same frequency. Whether we are mirroring with one another, teaching or learning from the relationships or situations in our lives; it is all about our awareness, just as the journey is all about ourselves. We choose our specific experiences in order to create the awareness we require in our journies. We are co-creating our lives at each and every moment of the day. So while this may feel like an overwhelming responsibility to shoulder; it’s also the most liberating concept when you consider that if you don’t like what you’ve got, you can create something different by shifting your focus and attention. 

At our simplest level, we are energy beings. So physiologically, we are organisms made up of complex systems (endocrine, lymphatic, digestive, to name just a few). The systems are comprised of organs (such as the heart, lungs, skin, brain), which are created from tissue, and tissues are made up of cells. Our cells are not static: they are dynamic, alive entities, that are vibrating with electro magnetic energy. 

Our only real goal in this lifetime, is to tune inwards, and to regain an awareness of this life force energy, this divine perfection within us, being guided by what truly feels good, joyful and right for us. Our goal then is quite simply to have the intent to do more of the stuff that makes us feel good, and to surround ourselves more with the kinds of people who leave us feeling joyful, at peace, loving, Light. The more we practise this way of thinking, and the more ‘normal’ feeling good becomes, the more this becomes our expectation, our thought pattern and belief system. We then seek opportunities to feel more of this. This state of feeling joyful, passionate about what we focus on, loving towards self and others, is about being in the flow: being in perfect synchronicity with the God energy that flows through us and this is living our true purpose.




When we realise our inner perfection and divinity, and honour this, basing our choices on what feels truly joyful, loving and in perfect synchronicity with the Source energy that flows through us; we inspire and give others permission to do the same. We work from a base of true inner joy, creating passionate and fulfilling lives, careers and relationships - living our purpose. So allowing yourself to live your purpose is less about the mechanics of doing, and more about the energy of BEING. It isn’t about a job or a particular career: it’s about YOU being more of who you truly are, at your core, right now: joyful, loving, abundance, Light, Love – this is your birthright; your DNA; your truth.

When we operate from a place of self love – a love for the divinity within - doing what we feel most passionate about – the result is a great sense of love, peace and ultimately Light for our planet. Anything contrary to Love just would not feel good. So a child that lives and moves from a space of Love for Self, would never feel joy in bullying others. And an adult who operates from a place of Self Love would not seek comfort or a sense of purpose in a group that promotes harm to others. And parents who operate from pure Self Love would only act towards their children from an intuitive sense of Light, as opposed to ego, control, or shame.

The process of realising our truth and honouring this state has a very powerful knock–on effect: Our circle of influence is inspired by us being in our most joyful, loving state, doing what fulfills us; and this empowers them to live their truth, follow their own joy. They in turn inspire others and this ripple effect continues through communities and countries, and eventually there are global energy shifts and tangible changes in the world. So consider how powerful we are as creators of our own reality, and consider that the smallest shift within us, can literally change our planet. 

There is no difference between you and the other great souls that have passed through this life: Jesus, Buddha, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi… These spiritual beings are as blessed, powerful and perfect as you are. They simply recognised their inner divinity and allowed it to shine, following their inner guidance system towards their joy, and thereby practising their passion, their calling, their life purpose. 




My passion is empowering others in the realisation of their full potential – the magnificence that lies within each of us. I believe that we all come to this life with a wonderful purpose – one we have chosen as souls - and we already have the full potential to realise this joy, and thereby to live passionate, inspiring lives. When you are tuned into what brings you joy you feel passionate about your journey, attract more like-minded souls, opportunities and situations - and the process flows with ease. You are in the flow: you are in sync with the Source energy that is within.

I create a non-judgmental, loving space for people to see, feel and realise their true joy, passion and Light. I believe that our lives here are about realising that we are already complete, whole and perfect and that the challenges that we face are all about rediscovering this: we choose mirrors, situations and challenges that facilitate our wonderful journeys to reclaiming our birthright – our God Consciousness and the pure perfection we are - right now.  

So living your truth or your bliss, is not about changing yourself, as this creates resistance in the form of self-sabotage, addictions, escapism, procrastination, perfectionism (which produces fear of failure). Living your truth is simply about realising, and then allowing the magnificence already within, to shine. And I believe that to truly embrace our divinity, we need to embrace ourselves holistically: as wonderful embodiments of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. In the Western world, we have tended to focus on the treatment of the physical body – and in so doing, we are so often merely treating the symptoms of a situation and missing an opportunity to realise our core truth. Energy work such as Reiki has no boundaries or limitations and requires only an open mind and a willing soul. As a holistic coach involved with your journey, it is my great privilege to assist you in rediscovering the magic and exquisite power that lies within you!


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When I began my healing practise, it was my primary goal was to empower others to be able to heal themselves, and to create the lives they desired. I wanted to empower as many people as possible to realise and embrace their natural state of grace, making whatever shifts they required in their lives to live their bliss, joy and Light. This is my passion: with every individual experiencing more love, joy, inner peace; we inspire each other, and we ultimately and collectively create more joy, Light, Love and peace on the planet. 

I teach a wide range of personal development courses including the following:

• Basic Energy Healing: Our journey in this lifetime is about our own energy and understanding why this is so powerful in all that we do, especially when we are involved in healing others. Taking responsibility for the energy that we bring to every situation in our lives is essential, mostly because it affects YOU! Your energy is important for everyone around you – family, friends, career – but most of all, your energy is important for YOU! Understand how energy works in your life, the chakra system, and how to harness this magnificent innate power to create the life you want.  

• Reiki (Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki and Reiki Masters). Reiki is an ancient, natural, laying-on of hands healing system that works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the receiver simultaneously, and is done through a powerful combination of energy and touch. Thought to have originated as an ancient Tibetan Buddhist practise, and rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui, Reiki is a very simple, but powerful healing technique. 

• Energy in the work place:  The workplace is changing  - rapidly – and understanding how our employee needs will evolve over the next few years, and preparing, providing for and incorporating a few new core values into our businesses, is key. And this has to start now! We are our most creative selves - and therefore our most productive selves - when we are relaxed, happy and well. We are relaxed, happy and well, when we are in a great physical, mental and emotional space, in a positive environment, comfortable, secure, when we feel valued, free, validated, fulfilled, have a say / control over our situation. These elements are crucial for maximising creativity. And creativity – no matter the industry or profession – is what provides the edge, makes the difference and determines your and your company’s success.  


I teach private and corporate groups, as well as individuals, depending on the specific needs of the client. If you are interested in joining any of my courses, please send me your details and I will contact you.


II frequently speak at public engagements and I can cover most topics relating to wellness. Some of the topics that I’ve recently spoken about are listed below:

• Realising your true life purpose.

• How to achieve true wellness, no matter what health challenge you’re facing.

• Creating the life you want – shifting the common blockages.

• Parenting – achieving the real balance.

• Sensitive parenting skills – connecting with our children, raising our children more intuitively, and with more awareness.

• Preventing and healing from Burn Out – and other corporate challenges. 

• The New Workplace – taking energy principles into the workplace, to ensure connection, employee happiness, and therefore real business success.





I have been involved in the media world for over 20 years, having edited numerous magazine titles and consulted on others. I’ve hosted and co-produced a television show on parenting and childcare and I have had my own radio programme. I’ve consulted on and written many features and articles about my various passions, most notably that of holistic wellness. Throughout my career in the corporate world, the most satisfying part of my role, was both the mentoring and coaching work that my job involved: the privilege of being a part of others’ journeys towards their passion. I have also truly appreciated and loved the inspiring and empowering information that could be delivered to a large audience via the media.

I’ve had a passion for empowerment, self development and holistic healing for as long as I can remember. I come from a long line of spiritual men and women, many of whom were healers in various fields – both traditional and alternative: from intuitives, spiritual healers, midwives, homeopaths, veterinary surgeons – you name it! Over the past 20 years, I have studied various holistic healing courses that compliment and support my thinking including Counselling, Reiki, Life Coaching, Crystal Therapy, Fung Shui, Angel Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy. While I infuse a variety of modalities in my practise, it is Reiki that forms the foundation of my practice and resonates the most with me. I personalize each treatment, creating bespoke sessions best suited to each individual client and case. I use techniques and procedures from various disciplines, and I infuse these with powerful coaching skills. Life Coaching too, while a more cerebral process, is a powerful means to achieving desired outcomes or goals that you may otherwise feel overwhelmed by, or may not even be able to truly visualise at certain stages of your life. Between the various healing and empowerment modalities that I have studied, I have found that anything is possible, no matter what the environment, the personality, or the challenge, as long as we are open to realising and embracing our inner truth; our divinity.

Since becoming a mother, I have felt an even stronger sense of urgency and intensity about being holistically well and truly loving - towards self and others - and living my divine purpose. As primary role models for our children, we as parents can then raise our children lovingly, to accept themselves, trust their intuition and to be the powerful creators that they were born to be. In so doing, our children can also then have a powerful and positive affect on our planet. But it is only through BEING holistically well ourselves, realising our own truth and living joyful and loving lives, that we can inspire our children to do the same. And so it is really our own personal evolutionary journey that counts, as it creates the example for the ones we love and inspires others around us to allow their own light to shine. This is quite simply the greatest act of love you can offer yourself, your family and the world! Let your magic shine bright!



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